Bridg's ad-tech gives a holistic view of how people shop, offering a critical link between consumers and the brands they love. They had the data and the intelligence, but faced challenges explaining their strengths to the market and selling themselves as a strategic partner to their clients.

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True partnership

Bridg wanted to be more than a service provider. They wanted to work with their clients, using data to not only drive their businesses forward, but to better connect consumers with the goods and services they need most.

A brand as bright as they are

A deceptively simple illustration style by Tim Boelaars helps unpack abstract ideas, making their work more accessible to clients. Paired with a bold color palette that stands out in their B2B category, Bridg's new visual system is built to connect data science to engaging story telling.

Finding their balance

The new visual system's intentionally playful approach not only gets their client's attention, but it helps balance against perceptions that Bridg was stuffy and overly intellectual. And the bright colors of the illustrations are supported by photography that is both lively and human.



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