For those who know, they know DigiKey.

Known for its exceptional service, superior offering, and cult-like affinity within the design engineer community, it leads the pack when it comes to the sale of electronic components for prototyping and design. From garage tinkerers to Apple R&D and beyond—if you need a component, you go to DigiKey.

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Progress by design

Company leadership knew that legacy brand perceptions were a headwind. To grow its offering in the U.S. and internationally, it needed to expand with service offerings across e-commerce and logistics. And it needed to evolve its brand in a way that would support these aspirations.

Our research revealed the core strengths we needed to pull through the brand evolution. This included DigiKey’s strong relationships with suppliers, customers and partners, its specialized expertise and its culture centered around going above and beyond.

Grounded in the language familiar to designers and engineers

DigiKey's new visual identity had to solve a key tension: how do we evolve to look like a modern supplier and distributor, while still paying homage to DigiKey’s legacy? The answer lay in understanding how the identity could speak the community’s technical language in a sophisticated way. We created an entire visual language steeped in a modern take on the components DigiKey is known for—contacts and housings, bytes, bolts, and more—to express Digikey’s technical expertise and the reliability its customers count on.

We get technical

The tagline—We Get Technical—accompanies the logo and accomplishes critical goals: it speaks to DigiKey’s expertise, celebrates its role as a member of the community, and provides a rallying cry for customers who proudly own their technical abilities.


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